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Fanny Hagmeier (1988) is a German visual artist whose work evolves around extreme physical experiences. She is fascinated by how versatile the body appears in adapting to constantly changing environments. She believes that pushing your own mental and especially physical borders is the essence of a flexible identity. She researched physical boundaries, their fragility and the visibility of those limits extensively in her previous works. These are experiences she visualizes on the border of performance and performing arts (dance and theater), intersecting with the medium film, which often result in video installation.

Recent projects

On The Verge II

On the Verge II is about the thin line where life and death meet. It is about the moments in between. The moments when you have to cross your physical and mental limits to survive, to remain standing, to keep on breathing and to keep on moving.

On The Verge

"On the Verge" is an essayistic portrait of Sarajevo. It shows personal reflections of the profound effect the city has on the filmmaker, while undergoing several changes in early 2014.     → Trailer


"Formation" is a video Installation that deals with the power a mass can unfold. It shows the alternating dynamics between the mass and the individual- and how they influence each other on the verge between exhaustion, adrenaline and transformation.     → Trailer


Since 2013 the theatre collective Schwalbe, which is based in Amsterdam, and I share a fine way of working together. My Video Installation "Formation" is an adaption of their theatre performance "Schwalbe zoekt massa". (see more under my Projects) Since then i have registered and made films of " Spaar ze till we die" and their most recent performance "Schwalbe speelt een tijd". For full videos and more information, please contact me.

Die bleichen Füchse / The Pale Fox

Based on the novel by Yannick Haenel, directed by Leonie Kubigsteltig. Commissioned by Theatre Erlangen. Winning concept of the upcoming directors competition with the topic "Utopia unknown".
A 90 min theatre piece with video projections. Following the main character Jean Deichel,who has just lost his job and apartment in Paris. He now lives in his car and through his new perceptions on the edge of society we experience a time in which more and more people are solidarizing with a movement of civil resistance. This movement is against social inequality and marginalization of migrants and other population groups. They start burning their papers, following the movement of the Pale Fox, which aims for a utopia of a world that is liberated of identity. Migration is no contemporary phenomena. In the 17th century thousands of religiously persecuted fled from France to Erlangen. This piece examines the yesterday, today and tomorrow and how we are and always will be connected through ages and continents.     → Trailer

ZOOM - Hestia and Sheila na Gig

Interdisciplinary dialogue between modern dance and video. Two age-old representations of femininity, Hestia and Sheela na gig, formed the first inspiration for ZOOM, a performance by dancer/choreographer Lana Coporda in close collaboration with video artist Fanny Hagmeier. The piece examines aspects of female presence and experience, focussing on sensuality and sexuality in relation to its representation in dance theatre and in mass-media. How to embody the many bodies offered to a women and how to deal with this limited range they offer?     → Trailer

Secret Art Cinema

Secret Art Cinema is a video art event first presented in the context of Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair 2016. The first edition proposed a selection of works by Rotterdam-related emergent videomakers, with a special focus on digital culture and the relation human-machine.

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